Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Roman Davis
Dr. Preston


                I can say with absolute confidence that my ways of learning and my perspective on a wide range of things has change because of open source learning. Before I was so focus on shutting out and sort of learning because I found it boring and trivial. But once I was introduced to new ways of learning and relations through different mediums my academic work ethic skyrocketed with more effort and purpose.  My reading, writing,  and thinking skills have improved as well for it was much easier to put one-hundred percent effort into an these areas when they involved something I was either passionate about or instructed in. Through open source learning I have a new perspective on learning, A mentor I can always contact along with my network, and a step in the right direction.

                In the first couple of weeks Dr. Preston introduced remixing which was a process of taking a subject and give meaning or explain that subject through any means. This essential opened the door to how I could use open source learning to my advantage. This opened a lot of our eyes to how the mind works, how a system of learning was built upon, and how to adhere toward which ever method is best or most efficient for you.

                I not only do I have an amazing teacher with a background of learning and adventures that could blow you're mind, I have a friend. Dr. Preston truly believes in learning, with passion and confidence to boost  he easily inspires those seeking the help because modern day learning rituals are demanding and rationalized.
                Now that I have been involved with open source learning for a couple of years, I can say with out a bout that  open source learning really allows kids to take a step in the right direction. The main thing is that the student must adapt and see the possibility, They must want to learn(not the clique version.) I have seen a lot of my classmates begin something major in their lives, wether it be in baby steps or big leaps the foot prints are embedded and the construction just crew ran out of concrete(metaphor).

              All in all this has been an amazing year. Thank you Dr. Preston for pushing me and guiding me in a path I was more than qualified to take. Thank you classmates for all your efforts and ideas shared throughout the years. I would like to wish everyone the best of luck and if there is anything I would want everyone to keep in mind every day, is to Never lose sight on something you really want. 


( Presentations notes. inclass S.P.)

Presentations (out of five)

#1            #2            #3          #4
  4              5              5            5

Title: had A title !
Topic: compassion
Presentors: could have spoke a little louder and had maybe a little more material. 
Content: did have a prezi but it was a little short, you could tell they tried!
And a video !
Title: I think so? ( I'm pretty sure though)
Topic: agriculture
Presentors: spoke well and gave a lot of explanation.(THEY KNEW WHAT THE F**K THEY WHERE TALKING ABOUT !) goodjob
Content: had video, blog posts, and a lot of information.
Title: army information blog.
Topic: info about army (a field both Presentors are intrested I'm going to.)
Content: a lot of information, and you could tell they had done a lot of research. Had a blog with even more than what they presented! Good job.

DALE's project was a 5/5 !!  NUFF SAID


Presentations (out of five)

#1        #2        #3          #4
  5          4          5            5

Title: sex trafficking
Topic: sex trafficking
Presentors: knew a lot about the subject and gave vital information.
Content: had a prezi and solid foundation on the topic. 
Title: street art
Topic: everything about graffiti.
Presentors: spoke loudly and had meanin in there voice.
Content: they brought a lot of insight too their topic from begining history. To where it is at today. They expressed their passion/ meaning/ and cause.
Title: stand up comedy
Topic: comedy and everything it is
Presentors: talked clearly, kmew what he was talking about, has a great understanding.
Content: had great quotes, prezi was solid, and gave personal feed back about the craft from own experiences.
Title: creating crafts
Topic: crafting nicknacks and cool stuff
Presentor: spoke loud and clear,
And very intuitive.
Content: prezi kill it! And had perfect pictures and step by step.


Presentors (out of five) 

#1        #2        #3        #4
  4          5          5          5

Title: hip hop
Topic: understanding music, learning hip hop and Presentors opinions.
Presentors: spoke clear and had a good foundation on what he presented.
Content: prezi was good could have had maybe some songs to example.
Title: ?
Topic: ?
Presentor: spoke clear
Content: a lot of personal and deep storys and words. As a spoken project to its entirety it work with that . LEARNED A GREAT LESSON SO 5!
Title: had a clear title!
Topic: psychology
Presentor: spoke best as she could! And had giving a lot of examples/information.
Content: gave a lot of informations on body language! Prezi and websites provided where very informational.
Topic: Culinary arts
Presentor: spoke clear, really drew in the croud and gave great belief in how much he loved cooking
Content:  talking a lot and very informative, cooked live!, FOOOOOOOOOOOOD


Presentations (out of five)

#1            #2              #3            #4
  4              4                5              3         

Title: fitness.
Topic: fitness and health
Presentors: spoke clearly and had a lot of experiences.
Content: the prezi was perfect/ provided a lot of background.
Title: law inforcement 
Topic: spiritual, technical, civic, physical, and mental fitness.
Presentors: spoke kinda quiet and a little to short. Tell me more about what you're presenting
Content:  the prezi was nice but it could of had more.
Title: music, and working out.
Topic: the influence music has on you when working out.
Presentors: spoke well but
Content: covered a really unique concept that music can cause you to work harder physical and it's influence on moods. Prezi was good.
Title: welding
Topic: welding and mechanic work.
Presentor: spoke too quiet.
Content: really didn't have much but a great stepping point. Now let's see more.

Friday, May 23, 2014


this is experience captured in sound. please enjoy expository composition! every song is a whole different feel and flow, with the loveliest beats the bronze baptist could supply.


released 23 May 2014
MAD LOVE &THANK YOU's TO: Dr. Preston, CameronHansen, PatrickSharabani, JacobDunn, RudyValentine, AnalyssaBrown, JacobLear, AaronDeleija, KevinLake, MFDoom, SpookyBlack, Mom, Dad, Bianca, possibility, band camp, JoshMenchaca, skateboarding, thrasher, anthonyanaya, alfredgarcia, allthedopemusicoutthere, & pizza.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Journal entry 5-20-14

Well when I was younger I wasn't about trouble, but also I knew the signs of bullying so I probably would have fought back. Now as I have grown my sight on the matter is still the same. I love by the golden rule (treat others how you want to be treated) , I know violence isn't always the answer but it's really all about the situation and how with it effect you.  
Example: I'm walking to my car and a man pulls out a small knife and demands for my wallet. Now I am have way in my car so what do I do. Slam the door and drive away if he steps in front of the car, ram him ! Just a little tap to get him/her out of the way.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Journal entry 5-19-14

I don't know what to expect out of my project really. Today was weird for me beacuse Dr. Preston opened with how ecstatic and euphoric his weekend was. He got to talk and collaborate with what is essentially his version of celebrities, inspirational figures, and heros. I could only image how awesome that must have been, and than it got me to thinking if my project had much to do with it. I know that their(dr. P/ collaborators) must have incredible and innovative ideas and plans that are ready to be born. But I just have music. I know I could some how relate music to astronomical physics, but would that be necessary. In all honestly I still love my project and this really just motivated me too think harder on my production and what it can really extend to.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Journal entry 5-14-14

Even though there are many saying we are losing personality and close encounters with others from being cutoff and logged in to the internet. I see that there are a lot of disconnections with technology use today but in a world that is adavancing quicker and quicker, I say that it isn't something to be scared of in the future cause the future is now.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Journal entry 5-12-14

Well yesterday my family went out for sushi and today I am going to head to a music store and hopefully find my mother something nice that she will like. My mother is amazing and I love her for all the things she has done for me.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Journal entry 5-8-14

I have to say that what gets me the most angry would be when something unfair or unjust occurs. I'm talking about the times where an incident happens and in that moment it just crushes you. It just kicks you when you're up or down and all you can muster up to think first is "just why did this have to happen." I really don't know why this gets me the most upset but if I could take a guess is say it is because the repetition of disappointments is what kills me the most.